Welcome to Cheddarmongers!

Welcome to the home of the Cheddarmongers! :cm

What can I find here?
This page is a gamers and hobbyists community site. It includes an extensive photo gallery, a list of favorite links, tutorials, web logs, and wish lists. The subject matter is gaming and the gaming miniatures hobby. By "gaming," I mean table top wargames and role playing games, all genres including Historical, Fantasy, and Sci-Fi are welcome. The miniatures hobby includes collecting, painting, and sculpting miniature figures and terrain pieces.

What is a Cheddarmonger?

A Cheddarmonger, or Monger of Cheese, is a discerning gamer or miniatures hobbyist.

The Cheddar Rules
This site encourages friendly collaboration. Please click here for the rules and standards for this site.

Important updates -- Major website revisions are in progress! You may notice that I've already decoupled the gallery from the main site. I made a test copy of the site and gallery and I've been trying various upgrade paths. Here's the current plan:

  1. Update (upgrade) the main site.
  2. Reorganize the main site. I'll keep all the content but you'll see some major changes, especially in the URL paths. If you have specific posts linked elsewhere, those links will be broken.
  3. Clean up the gallery. There's a bunch of junk in there -- old code, orphaned files, etc.
  4. Decide what gallery features to keep.
  5. Migrate the gallery into the main site. This will also break links to pictures, so I'm sorry about that.
    This will make the site way more sustainable.

If you have any feedback, please send me an email or comment on this post.


I see the tutorials etc are still available. How do I get to the galleries? I had thought they are down, so have been even more tardy than usual with photographing the finished figures