How to sculpt rag wrappings.

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Lost Boy wrote:

Anybody know how to make the rag banding that you see on weapon staffs or sword hilts? It's not the metal "caste bands", rather the thing that looks like leather or fabric has been rapped around it-kind of like what the GW Orks have.

Anyone? :smile:

No pics I'm afraid but this is how I do it.

mix your putty and stretch it gently until you have a long thin sausage. Flatten it out using a piece of moistened plastic (the stuff they make blister packs from is good for this). You can stroke the putty along it's length to flatten it down, or just squash it flat, it's up to you (I prefer stroking it as it elongates the strip rather than widening it).
Leave it to cure off a little, so that it isn't too soft. You might need to go over it once or twice to flatten it again if it tries to bounce back.
Using a sharp blade trim the strip so that the edges are straight and parallel to one another.
Then using a tool of some sort lift one end of the strip and attach it to the weapon handle. then wrap it around to your hearts content, go on, knock yourself out ;)
This technique is also good for wound wrappings, and obviously, Mummies.

Hope that helps (at least until someone comes along with a clearer explanation :)