Modular Terrain

This is something I've been wanting to make for myself for a long time, and a couple of weeks ago, I had a flash of inspiration :)

The basic idea is to have a large fixed board (or boards) underneath, and then small boards on top that can be re-arranged to make the scenery desired.

I've gone for 2 feet by 4 feet 5mm plywood for my baseboards, onto which I've sketched out a six inch square grid. These six inch squared blocks are to be the basic units of my modular terrain. In the centre of each of these six inch squares on my baseboards, I have superglued a metal washer.

The terrain boards themselves are hardboard. So far I've cut out six inch square, twelve inch square and six by twelve inch terrain boards. To these I have glued paper backed grass flock sheets. I've used the Gaugemaster spring grass product I got from Markway Models in Sheffield - but any similar product would do. Much easier than gluing all that grass onto the boards by hand!! :)

Finally, I have stuck small pieces of strip basing magnet - I get mine from Hasslefree - to the centre of the underneath of each terrain board, corresponding to where they will connect to the washers on the baseboards.

Works pretty well so far - now I just need to make some terrain that is a little more interesting than flat glass tiles! :D

Your comments and feedback are most welcome! :)


That is a really interesting way of doing things, and has some interesting potential.

You could actually use this for a rolling terrain generator. As you explorer party approaches a table edge you could move the tile back to the middle and generate new terrain ahead of them to explore.

Talking of terrain, these websites may be worth poking around, with downloads starting at $2.


Thanks Phil, I've got some PDF scenery, but never done very much with it, apart from the odd dungeon layout for DnD3.5. I was thinking of it as wargaming scenery, but you're right, there is no reason I couldn't use it for a more role-playing style game.

I've progressed a little with the modular boards, adding some (slightly too brown) rivers:

Need to crack on with some roads and some hills, next!!

You have the roads already!

I think your rivers would make pretty good roads. Rivers don't tend to have right angles (canals do!)

Yeah. I've heard that one a

Yeah. I've heard that one a lot. :roll Roads aren't usually blue, though.

A basic river set for modular terrain is rather limited to right angles. More advanced terrain pieces will look more natural.

And I have to point out that you're wrong ;) Canals DON'T have right angles in them because you'd never get the long canal barges around the corners! :P

A Day At The Seaside

Did a little more this evening. In this case, it is coastal tiles for those all important invasion-by-sea games!

All your feedback is welcome, but I'd particularly like to know if you think I should repaint the small rivers I did previously the same colours as this sea?

All Roads Lead to ... well, of the board

OK. Another step finished this evening. Roads.

These roads are from a PDF file by Fat Dragon Games in their Dragonshire range, that I bought from Cut the printed roads to shape and glued them to modulear tiles, edged with the normal grass paper.

Im really pretty pleased with the way these have come out :) But I'm also interested in any feedback you chaps have.

And since I know someone will ask :) All the fantasy figures are slightly older GW figures, and the buildings are cardstock ones from the 3rd edition of Warhammer.