Quick Painting

I suppose the real key, for me, is to paint below the standard I actually can paint if I want to (back in the the days when I considered myself a modeller).

You know, I actually prefer the `old school` look when playing my wargames.. maybe I`m just weird (don`t answer that one :P) but a long time ago I got tired of seeing line and lines of carbon copies of `Eavy Metal` look a likes (reminded me to much of artwork from a Rudolf Steiner School).

I still look back wistfully to the days of Joe Dever, Donald Featherstone, Terry Wise, George Gush, and all those primogenitors who made the hobby what it once was… sadly long lost to successive decades.

I don`t consider my modelling `up to much` by modern standards, but I do get results fairly quickly, and decent enough to achieve the `wow` factor across a wargames table.

When working on figures, I like to line up four of five fairly similar figures at a time, though it is always more fun to work on a single piece, which is why I enjoy painting HF and similar models because each piece is important to the game and comes alive with a bare minimum of effort. Probably no good for hard core modellers, but perfect adequate for playing with.

I use five minute araldite for gluing the figures to their bases… any spare glue is then good for creating textures on the bases which can be painted in later (also good for straggling entrails and so forth – eeeeshk, how bloodthirsty). The glue hardens really quickly, and you can probably start undercoating within ten minutes, as the (spray can) paint does not interfere with the glue`s hardening effects, and in fact seems to make the models that much firmer.

Spray can undercoating, as you know, only takes seconds. So that stage is fairly straight forward… just make sure you don`t get too close to the models as you spray, or they become blotchy. I use white undercoat for the main characters and black for the zombies because I find I can use some of the black as shadowing, which again reduces actual painting time.

Painting: I make sure all the paints I am going to need are at hand in front of me. Then I work from the innermost detail… outwards. The skin, the face, and all the hard to reach bits get a quick seeing to.

Then I work on the clothing, followed by any weapons. The belts, buckles, cartridges, sheaths, etc, all get done next. Then I use appropriate coloured inks and dry brush these on the clothes, and finish up with a Skin Ink Wash on the exposed flesh… almost like a highlight in reverse.

Finally I do the eyes; usually I paint around the eyes and mouth in black, then a paint white over the inner most part of the eye, then the pupil. I then go around the black of the eye with another wash of thin skin tone and clean up and reduce the amount of black showing.
I also do a quick job on the hair at this stage.

Finally I varnish (I do this instantly… as you get a kind of china doll effect which I personally find quite desirous. If you don`t want this to happen, simply allow the figure(s) to dry fully before continuing). I use a matt spray varnish which dries within four or five minutes.

To finish up, I do the hair OVER the varnish, adding highlights and detail, then quickly varnish over the hair again to get an almost three dimensional look to the thing… makes the pieces look like they use conditioner LOL.

This just leaves the base. I usualy do the top and sides the same colour - I like grey as it fits nicely with most game scenarios without looking out of place. Then I use wood glue (which I paint/smear over the still wet base) and dip the bases one at a time in a tub of my favourite finish. I like those tiny rocks you can buy from Games Workshop. The rocks then get a patchy coating of Chestnut Ink Wash, which really finishes the models off nicely.

And that`s pretty much how I do it.

Hope that helps :-)

Drying time

How long to you leave paint to dry before painting over it?

I just tried to speed paint three figures and at least four episodes of Buffy went by on the DVD while I was doing them!


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