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Permission to USe Artwork - Fatty

Hi uncle phil,

I'm currently developing a modmod for Civilization IV. This adds a nature-hating nomadic civilization to the Rise from Erebus fantasy mod for Civ IV. The original development thread for the civilization is at

One of the units that the Civilization has is the Gorger. I think that a button (64*64 pixel) based on one of your Mega City One League of Fatties Protester would be a good representation the unit.

I was hoping for your permission to base the button on one of the pictures of a Fatty that you've uploaded to this site.

Permission to Use Artwork

Hi uncle phil,

I was hoping to get permission to use your artwork in a modmod I'm creating. The modmod is to add a new civilization to the Rise from Erebus mod for Civilization IV. The modmod will be made freely available to wheover wants to use it through civfanatics.

The art I'd like to base a button on is your League of Fatties Protester, I'd like to base the button for my gorger unit on this.

The design thread for the civilization, including an example of what the button would look like is at

(Sorry, if you get this request multiple times from me but I haven't see my comments/replys to blogs showing up on this site.)