Damocles, Simo and the Assault Engineers

Today, the legendary sniper Simo Häyhä.

...a tough bunch of armoured Soviet engineers in amoeba camouflage

and a Space Marine Damocles command vehicle using some TP mud effects. This time I added the toilet paper to the model first and then sprinkled it with sand and dried parsley. Some of the sand was still loose when I was painting it so I used a pastette dropper to drop diluted PVA onto it and allowed it to dry and bind.

I applied the camouflage areas with foam sponge and filled them in with conventional brush. The rain wear effect was made by a diluted coat of Tamiya Buff. It looks transparent when it goes on but dries to a streaky effect. Use vertical brush strokes on the vertical surfaces and more random dappling on the horizontal areas.