Painting Classic Genestealers.

        I've always had a problem working out exactly what paints to use to paint "Old-style" Genestealers. I could see what colours weren't right, but never which ones were right. This is my first serious attempt to get colours I'm happy with.

        The exoskeleton was painted Tamiya Sea Blue, then drybrushed with Tamiya Field Blue, Tamiya Medium Blue and then Vallejo Intermediate Blue. A little highlighting was done with MP Blue Grey and some of the Vallejo Intermediate blue was painted over with one of the darker shades.
        Head and joints were painted MP Heather. GW Purple Ink was applied to the recesses and a very thin layer of GW Tentacle Pink used to highlight.
        Tongue was painted with GW Warlock Purple and GW Scab Red and Tamiya Gloss Purple, and Gloss varnish used.
        Claws etc were painted in GW Bestial Brown then brushed over with GW Bubonic Brown and GW Bleached Bone.

        In their usual fashion, GW have discontinued some of these colours so I suggest you buy the equivalent Vallejo Game Colour. GW Tentacle Pink is VGC #13 Squid Pink, Purple Ink is #87 Violet Ink.

        For variety I tried this guy with MP Violet rather than MP Heather.

        When researching classic Genestealer colour schemes I came across a rather nice alternate scheme using Purple and Green

so for variety I decided to paint a few.

Mass attack of Classic Genestealers.

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