Serious Girl Power!

Some serious girl power represented in today's upload.

Firstly we have some Nuns with Guns

Nuns with Guns

Nuns with Guns

Owner: Uncle Phil

..and a Nun is a less aggressive mood

Gotten Rid of her Bad Habit.

Gotten Rid of her Bad Habit.

Owner: Uncle Phil

and some Eldar Banshees

Eldar Banshees

Eldar Banshees

Owner: Uncle Phil

Been digging into Keeper's

Been digging into Keeper's collection? He has some nuns with guns in there somewhere, too...



the nun gal on her own is my favourite :)

amazon miniatures do some nuns with guns


Nuns Ahoy!

These ones?

Yeah, they're some of my favourites, too!

Your nuns looks really good, Phil :) I think the grey you use for the bases works particularly well with these girls. However, have you considered filling the gap between the integral base and the slotta base? I had to do exactly that because I wasn't happy with the way they perched up there! If I remember right, I just used some ready-mix DIY filler.

I don't think I'd use a slotta base at all, now. Since I found Fenris Games pre-cut 2mm ply bases, I always mount minis with integral bases on these, now, although I still fill the gap as well. This mini shows this pretty well:

Fenris Games bases:

Where is the naughty Nun from? Is she a GZG mini as well?

I should mention the Banshees, too - they are really very good! :) My only negative comment on the banshees would be the colour transitions on the weapons. It looks like your paint is a little bit thick. But other than that they're really nice! :)


Frankly baffled by that comment? Weapons were painted with a single coat of each colour and the red and blue drybrushed for a gradual transition. Look exactly as they should.


In that case, that explains it

I thought you'd used a shading technique with just the two colours to do the colour transition, in which case your paint would indeed have been too thick. You would have needed to thin the paint you were using on your palette before trying this and to apply it in several layers.

However, as you've used drydrushing, this is the best kind of blend you can get with that technique!