Statue Painting

Not everyone who visits this site has access to Cheddarchat so I thought it would be nice to have a Tutorial on how Keeper40k's Foo Dogs were painted.

Since Keeper40k is working very hard today he suggested that I have a go at writing it, which also allows me to detail my first attempt at using his method.


Painting Foo Dogs the Keeper Way: 101

1) I primed them with acrylic grey primer (Halfords, to be specific)

2) Washed heavily with thinned and flow enhanced Citadel Brown Ink then left to thoroughly dry!

3) Drybrushed quite heavily with:
        a) Tamyia Sky Grey (XF-19)
        b) 2:1 mix of Tamiya Sky Grey and Citadel Skull White.

4) Dappled/Drybrushed the broken parts with thinned GW Bestial Brown.

5) Glued on green railway flock, to taste (Hornby R8038 Moor Heather Scatter, in this case).

Dog's a Good 'Un, to paraphrase Mr Foster at Heresy

Having read this, I felt inclined to have a go myself.

I chose to paint a Heroquest Gargoyle. According to the Heroquest Fluff they were supposed to be magically animated statues, so an ideal subject for this method.

1) My model already had an ancient white undercoat, so I painted over this with MP Dark Grey.

2) I washed over this with GW Brown Ink. At first I used the Ink diluted a bit and with a flake of soap in it but switched to neat ink since I decided I wanted some bits darker. I always dip my brush in water when using Ink like this so it is slightly diluted and free flowing. Left to thoroughly dry. Ink tends to take longer to fully dry than acrylic paint, especially if you have added some water.

3) Drybrushed with Tamyia Sky Grey (XF-19).

4) Rather than mix a lighter shade of Tamiya Sky Grey. I instead elected to use Valejo Pale Greyblue. Some of this was lightly drybrushed over detail while some was painted directly onto details such as the eyebrows and teeth. At this stage you need to visualize how the light would be hitting the creature.

5) In between the above stages I painted the eyesockets with GW Scorched Brown. The Gargoyle is supposed to be an animated statue so I decided to show this by making the eyes different. Once the brown was dry I painted in the eyes with Humbol Ferrari Red, which is a gloss enamel paint.

6) The model was Black Inked with MP Black Ink and allowed to dry.

7) When the ink was dry I tidied up the eye area, shaping the red bit with a little Scorched Brown and repainting the eyebrow and cheek bone with Greyblue.

8 ) I decided to try and create a bit of a moss effect so added a few speckles of MP Sea Green and GW Bestial Brown.

        If you have enjoyed this article or it has been helpful to you please feel free to show your appreciation. Thank you.


Statue Painting

My name is Keeper and I endorse this message ;)

nice effect!

These statues look great! Gotta take a pic of the "statue" I did some time ago... stay tuned! ;)