I started painting these guys years back but lost momentum.

Let the Galaxy Fester!

Came across a box of Death Guard so they were the next to be painted. First colours went onto these the night before last.

Berserkers of Khorne Unleashed

Someone I know has been painting some chaos marines so it started me wondering how quickly I could paint up a unit I had assembled some time back.

Gimps, Raincoats and Short Order Trouble

Woke up a few hours early the other day, and in about three hours turned out the little guy with the chainsaw and the gimp with the flamethrower.

Ogres and Tyranid

Found this guy lurking in a box.


Had a doctor's appointment yesterday so began pottering with a figure I had prepared with [url=][b]three colour

Swooping Hawks

My final bunch of Eldar Aspects. (Unless I have some Dire Avengers I did not know about!)

Ratskins and Eldar

Been having a few health problems recently so this unit of ratskins took me a leisurely week, on and off. Not bad considering there were eighteen of them.

Choosing Paints for Miniatures.

        One piece of advice I would give to miniature painters is to investigate a variety of paint brands.

Cawdors and Delaques

Quite a couple of days of painting.

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