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More Prehistorics.

For my birthday I treated myself to some figures from the Savage Core range from Warlord Games. All are credited to a sculptor called Steve Saleh.

Some Neanderthals

Cthulhu and the Manticore.

Sometimes you just lose steam on a project. This can be for a variety of reasons. This manticore figure has sat on the "part done" pile for what might actually be a decade.

Trogs and Terminators

Started a new album entitled Prehistorics. First entries are the Trogs or Cave-Orcs.

Terminators, Gladiators and Tyranids.

Another view of my new Hunter Screamer alongside some old school versions:-

Painting Marine Paudrons

        Sometimes the simplest shapes turn out to be difficult to paint because the margin of error is so small. In the last blog I mentioned that the Kren chapter insignia could be difficult to paint on pauldrons. Last night a new way of doing this occurred to me so I tried it out.

Painting Space Marines

        I have painted a lot of space marines over the years. Judging from the contents of the boxes in my room, I will be painting many more! What have I learnt painting these and what would I change if I did it again?

First Upload of the Year

Stunned how little painting I have got done this year. Two of today's uploads were Christmas presents!

Two Useful Tools for A Painter.

        Over the years of writing this blog I have tried to pass on [url=http://www.cheddarmongers.org/prod/blog/uncle_phil/tips_and_tricks_and_stuff]ideas

Wildfire Walker

A change of subject from my last upload, but also long legged and deadly!

All I wanted was a long-legged bird....

Some time ago I came across a photo of some Phorusrhacid birds on the website of Steve Pugh.

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