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Marines and (umm) Marines

Four new photos up today, although I must say I'm not 100% happy with the results.
Firstly we have some Deathwing Terminators.



Owner: Uncle Phil

Wolf Guard Terminators

Just a couple of photos up today. Been experimenting a little with thinner layers of paint -semi-transparent even.

Fafhrd and the Grey Mouser

Only one photo added today, although I hope you enjoy it.

Noblins and Ninja

Once again, some new figures uploaded.

In the Imperial folder we have another unit of Assault Terminators -this time a unit with Thunder hammers.

Hammer Squad

Hammer Squad

Owner: Uncle Phil

Terminators and Chaplain

As some of you know, I rather like Terminators.

The Lady and the Librarians

Having painted my Plastic Space Hulk Librarian I decided to recontinue my efforts with my other Librarians.

Statue Painting

Not everyone who visits this site has access to Cheddarchat so I thought it would be nice to have a Tutorial on how Keeper40k's Foo Dogs were painted.

Stone killers

Inspired by Keeper40's first rate paintjob on the Fenris Foo Dogs I decided to have a go myself.

The Fast and the Heavy

Remembered to bring the pen drive in today!


Stayed up late to take some photos. Then my Pen drive refused to save the photos and I had to spend 20mins trying various things till it decided it wanted to save the photos....

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