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Ork Dreadnought

Last day of my week off, so I spent it finishing this figure off.

Airfix Land Rover

I recently noticed that Airfix make a kit with a pair of 1/48th scale Land Rover 110s. A "Snatch" and a "WMIK".

Crazy Chariot

Years (decades?) ago I came across Warhammer 3rd Edition rules. Many novel and sometimes eccentric ideas inspired me to think about the idea of a chariot pulled by centaurs.

Korgoth and Rusty Cap.

Both of today's postings have a post-apocalyptic theme, although not one that is immediately obvious for either.

Ring My Bell!

My recent paint job of a Big Daddy-style figure inspired me to attempt to paint something else brazen b

Big Daddy and Brother Vinni

        I recently came across a sculptor from Slovakia called Brother Vinni.

Italian Knights in 1/72nd Scale

        A friend of mine noted my recent attempts at [url=][b]painting other

Cassie Hack finds her Vlad.

When I posted my version of Cassie Hack based on a Necromunda figure I was asked about a version of her loyal companion, Vlad.

Painting Larger Scales - the Cowboys.

        I get to see many very nice model vehicles, many of them in 1/35th scale. While many of these are very detailed it is often the figures that are with them that let them down. It seems some modellers can perfectly weather a vehicle but paint figures that end up looking like lifeless mannequins with thousand yard stares.
        I don’t believe good figure painting is that hard a skill, and was interested to see how my newer painting techniques might work with larger scale figures. I didn’t have any 1/35th scale figures handy so instead decided to try things out on some 1/32nd scale Airfix cowboys.


I started painting these guys years back but lost momentum.

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