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Spawn and Scavengers

Today we have some Chaos Spawn

LOTR Goblins

I have not had much time or inclination to paint recently.

Goliath Gangers

A minor irritation about discovering the three colour undercoat method is that I have a numb

13 figures in a Day and a Half.

After all those skeletons I painted the other week it was time to add some necromancers and liches. Also got around to finishing the APAC figures and painting my Heresy Zombies.

Grave Horror

Active day on Cheddarmongers. I have added a tutorial on drybrushing and uploaded photos of my recently finished Grave Horror.

Skeletons and Mega-city perps

Some Mega-city criminals, old and new

Weekend of the Ogres

Decided to try the three colour undercoat on some larger figures, so painted some old metal ogres. All five of these were turned out over one weekend.

New uploads

The image link thing appears to be playing up again
See here for the latest figures.

More Gladiators and Ambul

Some more gladiators

New stuff up

After a long absence from painting, I've started again, and somewhat of an assortment.
We have gladiators

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