Bright Light

Okay, I don't count my other lighting project a success. It had a lot of benefits, but it just wasn't as bright as I was hoping it would be. So I found other lights to use:

Portable LED Lamp

Here is my attempt at a portable LED light to use for miniature painting and photography.

Mermaids and Marines

I've not been totally happy with my photography recently so last night I changed the exposure compensation on my camera back to +0.7 and tried using the custom White balance mode rather than the autom

Mini Photography -- Selecting a Camera

We've got the competitive market on our side for choosing cameras nowadays, so here's some things to look for when buying a camera for miniature photography:

Mini Photography -- Backgrounds

I've been having colour balance and picture problems since forever so following some helpful advice I've tried to see what impact different colour backgrounds have on the final result of my pics.


Photo Tab Information

Configurable options on the Photo tab when editing pictures in the gallery.

Basic Photo Editing

Ok, so you've slaved over your latest paintjob and got a pic from your digital camera, what next?

Cheddarmongers Photo Skillz!

I still struggle with photography, but I know it doesn't take a very expensive camera, in fact, a 2 megapixel should be just fine.

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