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Workbench version 5

I subscribe to the Mini-Painter Yahoo Group, and a painting newbie asked about how people set up their work area for painting.

So, I figured I'd contribute.

Heresy Lava Elemental (Colossos)

Inspired by the great paintjobs that others have done on this mini, I was inspired to crank this chap out pretty quickly (for me!) .

WIP W&N flow improver

hello everyone, i was going to post this on the FOD but the site has gone down.

Painting Ghouls

Drybrushing plays a big part in getting these guys painted.

Ghoul King and Subjects

Ghoul King and Subjects

Owner: Uncle Phil

No-frills Epic tyranid trygon

Epic-scale tyranid miniatures are notoriously hard to get hold of, and it can also be difficult to find suitable proxies for some of the creatures; although Epic nid players find that the tyranid rang

Painting the Germans

I had a surprising amount of trouble finding satisfactory colours to paint my German figures with. For those of you who find yourselves in a similar situation, here is what I settled on.

Chipped and Rusty Armor

I swiped this article from a post on the Custom Hobby Forum.

The author can be found at:
The Basement: http://www.tbforum.co.uk/

Statue Painting

Not everyone who visits this site has access to Cheddarchat so I thought it would be nice to have a Tutorial on how Keeper40k's Foo Dogs were painted.

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